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TapMango is an incredibly simple yet powerful customer retention and acquisition platform.

Our state-of-the-art platform delivers results. It engages your customers at the most critical points. It results in more repeat customers. It results in increased revenue.

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Introducing - Your Own Loyalty Program

In the world of cutthroat competition, your customer loyalty is the top priority. And the easiest and most cost effective way to build that loyalty is through your own Loyalty Program. TapMango provides you with all the tools you need to run a turn-key Loyalty Program on par with large retailers, including your own branded Loyalty Cards. TapMango Loyalty Program is simple to use, automated and most brings the best value in its class.

How does TapMango Loyalty Program work?

TapMango Loyalty Big Picture


  • Merchants issue loyalty tags, branded with their logo
  • Offers are seen on TapMango tablet every time customer visits the store
  • Merchants connect to customers with Email, SMS and Mobile Push marketing
  • Set it and forget it system, fully automated


  • Customers sign up on in-store TapMango Tablet
  • Customers get points for checking in, purchasing services and products
  • Customers get points by posting pictures of purchases on Facebook
  • Customers get points for referring their friends

Works with your existing POS

TapMango integrates with your existing Point of Sale system and converts your sales transactions into loyal customers

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