TapMango Spotlight - GET GRILL

Chef Bab T is the maverick behind GET GRILL. GET GRILL is an Afro-Asian style restaurant in Brampton serving grilled foods seasoned with loads of flavour. All the sauces, seasonings and condiments used in the restaurant are produced in-house. They even carry their own line of seasonings under the I-Spice brand.

For many years Chef Bab T worked in the city, opting to work/volunteer in local Bistros and Pubs in the summer months or whenever it was convenient. However his preoccupation with working 9am to 5pm was challenged by an encounter in 2007 that would set him on this unfolding path.

Chef Bab T (babtee) as he likes to be called is an exemplary person. His love for cooking, either indoors or outdoors is desirably infectious. When asked where he draws his inspiration from, Bab T explains; it’s from all the subtle vibes that usually go unnoticed, e.g. nature’s colors or rained-in days… and an insatiable desire to provide a service he is very passionate about. He adds “We all visit the same farmer’s markets, butcher’s store and supermarkets or at least have access to them, what sets great Chefs apart is the processing of the produce between the store and the dinner table!

In creating scrumptious, lip-smacking dishes with a cross cultural, multi-ethnic appeal, Chef Bab T draws on his experiences across 3 continents and over a dozen countries and cultures and blends this with his artistic flair and knack for creating lip-smacking exotic dishes that leave your taste-buds guessing, and you… wanting more!

So get out there and get the Chef Bab T treatment, you won't regret it. And while you're at it, get their Loyalty Tag and start earning rewards.

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